The Principals’ Leadership Council (PLC) is a group of 18 schools located in Far Northeast Denver that meet monthly to discuss issues of mutual interest and identify ways to better serve parents and students who reside in this community. The PLC is made up of elementary, middle, and high school Principals, from both charter and traditional public schools. If the PLC schools were a district, they would be the 8th largest district in Colorado, with over 12,000 students.

Far Northeast Schools (Schools in the Zone of Innovation - )

1. - Archuleta Elementary School
2. - Barney Ford Elementary School
3. - Florida Pitt Waller K-8
4. - Greenwood K-8
5. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College
6. - Montbello High School
7. - Northeast Academy Charter School
8. - Omar D. Blair Charter School K-8
9. - Rachel B. Noel Middle School
10. - The Academy at High Point
11. Amesse Elementary School
12. CCI Charter School K-12
13. Green Valley Elementary School
14. Farrel B. Howell K-8
15. Marrama Elementary School
16. Maxwell Elementary School
17. McGlone Elementary School
18. Oakland Elementary School

School Descriptions

1. Archuleta Elementary School - : Dreams thrive at Archuleta Elementary. Staff, family, and community, encourage each student’s unique dream and lay the foundation for those dreams to become reality. We provide a quality education through the implementation of a rigorous curriculum, high expectations and differentiated instruction. Through high expectations, exciting and challenging classes, including highly gifted classrooms, students develop an enthusiasm for learning. All students are supported in an environment that values and nurtures the diversity of culture and language. Students are immersed in the integrated arts, technology, and sciences. Lena Archuleta elementary is recognized as a “distinguished school” and is the magnet school for the highly gifted students in Northeast Denver.
Principal: Darlene LeDoux, Ph.D.
Address: 16000 East Maxwell Place, Denver
Phone: 720.424.9811
Grades: ECE - 5

2. Barney Ford Elementary School - : Ford is an ECE-5th grade school committed to prepare students to succeed at the secondary level. A highly trained faculty works in the platooning modality from 2nd - 5th grade to deliver a standard based curriculum. A combination of technology and arts enriches the academic life of our students.
Principal: Gilberto Marin
Address: 14500 Maxwell Place, Denver 80239
Phone: 303.371.6990
Grades: ECE - 5

3. Florida Pitt Waller - : Florida Pitt Waller is dedicated to every child that walks though its doors. We vow to protect, nurture, and educate each student to his or her fullest potential and we continue to strive to build relationships with the community.
Principal: Charles Babb
Address: 21601 E. 51st Place 80249
Phone: 720.424.2840
Grades: ECE- 8

4. Greenwood - : Greenwood School is an educational community that is passionate about learning; a community that is driven to provide a challenging education that will enable all students to become proficient and advanced in each core content area and standard; a community that believes all students can achieve based on their effort not on innate ability; and a community that embraces the strength of our diversity using this strength to create a spirit of openness, understanding, and sister/brotherhood for all.
Principal: Ruth Frazier
Address: 5130 Durham Court, Denver 80239
Phone: 303.371.0247
Grades: K-8

5. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College - : The mission of Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College is to graduate students who are great leaders, great thinkers, and great communicators. In partnership with students, staff, and community, the hallmarks of our mission include: providing a rigorous, pre-collegiate, technology-based curriculum, focusing on student empowerment, respecting cultural diversity in a safe, productive environment
Interim Principal: Allen Smith

Address: 19535 E. 46th Ave. 80249
Phone: 720.424.0420
Grades: 6-11

6. Montbello High School - : Montbello High School is a comprehensive high school located in the Montbello neighborhood in Denver. Montbello High School is an open enrollment high school accepting students from the Denver metropolitan area. The majority of the over 1600 students that attend Montbello High School live in the Montbello, Green Valley Ranch, Parkfield, or Gateway Village neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are comprised primarily of working class and middle class single family homes.
Principal: Antwan Wilson
Address: 5000 Crown Blvd. 80239
Phone: 720.423.5700
Grades: 9-12

7. Northeast Academy Charter School - : The mission of the Northeast Academy is to: 1) implement an academically rigorous and content-rich educational program for grades K-8; 2) work in solid partnership with families, teachers, and community members to develop extraordinary students who demonstrate high quality leadership, character, and academic success; and 3) create a safe and nurturing environment where each student is known and respected, and creativity is cherished. The Academy offers a challenging content rich curriculum with the goals of academic excellence and achievement for each student, emphasizing that all students deserve to be fully challenged and motivated to succeed. The school follow s the philosophy that self-esteem derives from true achievement.
Principal: Dr. Thomas Bouknight
Address: 4895 Peoria Street, 80239
Phone: 303.307.8837
Grades: K-8

8. Omar D. Blair Charter School - : A K-8 Edison Charter School that uses proven research-based curriculum and teaching methods to increase student achievement. A legacy of achieving AYP each year since the school was established in 2004. A technology rich environment offering electives in art, music, technology and Spanish. We are committed to providing “a world-class education for every child.”
Principal: Deborah Blair-Minter
Address: 4905 Cathay Street Denver, CO 80249
Phone: 303-371-9570
Grades: K-8

9. Rachel B. Noel Middle School - :Rachel B. Noel is the only middle school in the far northeast serving grades 6-8. We believe all students can excel. Students at our school learn reading, writing, math (including algebra), U.S. and world history, geography and science. Students also take classes in art, technology, physical education, band, orchestra, choir, Spanish and Gifted and Talented.
Principal: Amanda DeBell
Address: 5290 Kittredge St. Denver, CO 80239
Phone: 720.424.0800
Grades: 6-8

10. The Academy at High Point - : The Academy at High Point promotes student growth and excellence in order to achieve the highest academic standards, and utilizes the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence in preschool through 8th grade. In addition to our strong academic focus, we offer special classes in physical education, wellness, technology and Spanish. We also offer a tuition-based full day kindergarten program.
Principal: Dr. Terry Croy Lewis
Address: 6192 North Genoa Street, Aurora, CO 80019
Phone: 303.217.5152
Grades: ECE-8

11. Amesse Elementary: John Amesse is an elementary school that serves students from preschool through fifth grade. All teaching staff are highly qualified and meet the guidelines for No Child Left Behind. They are very committed to the success of every child. The staff provides multiple opportunities for all children to reach their maximum potential. They also strive to provide a very nurturing and enriching environment for students. Character Education is used to promote acceptance and tolerance for all people as well as core social values.
Principal: Joyce Simmons
Address: 5440 Scranton St. Denver, 80239
Phone: 303.371.0940
Grades: K-5

12. Challenges, Choices and Images Literacy and Technology Charter School: The school began as a community project to increase the academic achievement for children of color and close the achievement gap. We continue to serve children of color, children from low-income families, and children from public and private schools wanting a more positive learning environment. Although the majority of our students are of African-American heritage, we welcome students of all ethnicities.
Principal: Dr. Carolyn Jones
Address: 11200 East 45th Avenue Denver 80239
Phone: 303.341.7554
Grades: ECE – 12th grade

13. Green Valley Ranch Elementary School: The GVE mission statement, “Personal Success for All Children,” is our primary goal and we desire to help all children grow not only academically, but also intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. To that end, we are committed to integrating the principles of experiential education and project-based learning with those of the standards-based curriculum prescribed by the district and state.
Principal: Andy Hoffer
Address: 4100 Jericho St. Denver 80249
Phone: 720.424.6715
Grades: ECE – 8

14. Farrell B. Howell: The faculty and staff of Farrell B. Howell School are committed to ensuring that every student excels in all curricular areas. Our core curriculum consists of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Visual and Media Art, Dance, Drama, and Library Sciences. Grade level teachers, arts specialists, and resource teachers plan their respective units together, discussing guidelines, strategies, expectations, and evaluations for each unit.
Principal: Kevin Fletcher
Address: 14250 E. Albrook Drive, 80239
Phone: 720.424.2742
Grades: ECE – 8

15. Marrama Elementary School
Principal: Merida Fraguada
Address: 19100 E. 40th Ave. 80249
Phone: 303.371.3780
Grades: ECE -5

16. Maxell Elementary: Jessie Whaley Maxwell Elementary School produces students who love to read. J.W. Maxwell uses the District Literacy Plan in conjunction with Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader motivates our students to read higher level books and increase comprehension. Our library circulated more books than any other DPS School last year! 38,191 books were borrowed from our library! That’s over 4,000 books each month!
Principal: Mikel Royal
Address: 14390 E. Bolling Drive Denver, CO 80239
Phone: 720.424.5742
Grades: ECE-5

17. McGlone Elementary School:
Principal: Ann Alley-Walker
Address: 4500 Crown Blvd. 80239
Phone: 303.373.5080
Grades: ECE – 5

18. Oakland Elementary School: We want at least 90% of our students to meet state standards. Teachers study strategies to use data and manage student learning. Knowing that more students are capable of higher achievement, we have tripled our gifted/talented services. For 2008/2009, we will focus on instruction, school culture, leadership, and planning.
Principal: Reggie Robinson
Address: 4580 Dearborn St., 80239
Phone: 303.371.3960
Grades: ECE – 5